Gerene Kennel
I have a great love of books and learning in general.  I have set up this page to list books and other resources, partly so I can keep track of what I've read and partly to share with others, that I have learned from and found of interest.  Of course, I am only listing animal related and gardening/farm type here.  One can never learn to much!
Whole Health for Happy Dogs by Jill Elliot D.V.M and Kim Bloomer, c. 2006
Finished reading on 02/23/2017

This book was recomended by a member of a Facebook group on Raw Fed Dogs.  While it is very basic in many areas, especially the raw fed part,  I found much of the natural health information quite interesting.   The chapters on Holistic Care and on Vaccines were thought provoking.  The most interesting chapter was Understanding Natural Remedies.  It provided enough information to be useful but still leaving one wanting to learn more and research further.  Overall well written for basic level and to peak ones interest.